Tracee Bosch LICSW


TRACEE BOSCH LISCW (license 15634) CPS Social Worker/Manager, Carver Co Community

Social Services Human Services Building 602 East Fourth Street Chaska, Minnesota 55318-2102

Phone 952-361-1715 CARVER Phone (952)361-1600

Tracee Bosch is a licensed social worker employed as an agent of the court, allegedly acted with

intent to bias the court. Fiduciary Relationship; Tracee Bosch is ultimately responsible for the

conduct of social workers on her staff, including Nicole Mercil and Carole Cole

Alleged Offences: Failure by a mandated reporter to report Minn. Stat. §§ 626.556, subd. 6;

388.051, subd. 2, para. (c).. failed to (1) act in good faith and exercising due care, or (2) act in good

faith and following the information collection procedures established under subdivision 10,

paragraphs (h), (i), and 0). Violate Rule 11.02 Representations to Court ; and violated the 14th

Amendment and Title 42 United State Code Section 1983; Credible Evidence; Knowingly or

recklessly made a false report Minn. Stat. § 626.556, Subd. 5.Malicious and reckless reports..



Fiduciary Duty to clients and is held to an even higher ethical standard as the administrator

of a county agency. [ See National Association of Social Workers NASW Moral and ethical

aspects and The Fiduciary Relationship: The Legal Basis for Social Workers'

Responsibilities to Clients] Tracee Bosch aided and abetted misconducts and frauds.

2) Breach of Fiduciary Relationship Tracee Bosch is ultimately responsible for the conduct

of social workers on her staff, including Nicole Mercil and Carole Cole

3) Retaliation to silence Complaint. Lea states that Ms Bosch stopped Visitation after Lea

expressed concerns of bias on the part of CPS workers and feels that Bosch stopped

Visitation to by abuse of authority to retaliate for the complaint which further harms young children.

4) Ms. Bosch makes telling comments in the email which are of concern. (See email analysis


5) Improper placement in foster care: Placement Decisions/Child Protection Minn. Stat. §

260C.212, subd. 2 Failure of reasonable efforts et al.

6) Ms. Bosch engaged in Violations of Rule 11.02 Representations to Court. Ms. Bosch is responsible for the mentioned corrupt workers of CPS. Ms. Bosch has placed the county at the risk of Civil Law Suit. The suit is underway. Grievance process is being completed currently, Civil Suit to come thereafter with Bosch as main defendant.

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