Jeanette Ruth Mitchell aka: Jeanette Leone Mitchell

July 26, 2011

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Obtained letter on right from Banken Mother. Letter on the left from Board of Nursing, MN.

Jeanette Leone Mitchell signature from 2011 letter was stamped – shows a flowing pen – 1999 signature from Jeanette Ruth Mitchell, RN.                  >Penmanship is a match.

Minnesota Nursing Board : Licensure Verification

Mitchell claims to have an MEQ – Masters of Education Equivalency from the U of M – no education records can be found, Mitchell refuses to give any information on her background. Mitchell does not have a doctoral degree. She sees minor children (even at the young age of 3) in a therapy setting – alone. She refuses to record sessions and reacts defensively when asked. Ms. Mitchell is working for Carver County Mental Health Center. Mitchell has assisted in the placement of three young Banken children into the hands of their abusive Father.

The dates of Mitchell`s nursing license and her alleged MEQ overlap many years. Educational background has been sought in two of the investigations – has not yet been located. Results on third attempt still pending.

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