Welcoming Lea Sage-Banken to the CCC Blog!

Lea Sage (Banken mother)

July 8th, 2011 

It is our pleasure to welcome Lea Sage (Banken), CRA (Civil Rights Advocate) as a new author and editor of the Carver County Corruption blog spot. Lea will contribute future posts and has already began critiquing earlier postings and blog appearance for the past 24 hours. We look forward to Lea`s thoughts and insightful posts. Please join me in welcoming Lea to our corner of the internet where we take on the grueling battle against corruption in family court.

Lea Sage is co-founder of the ncpp (National Coalition for Protective Parents). For the past few months in this new position Lea has started organizing, planning, heading up ncpp web design, writing dialogue, and brain storming for the new venture. Lea`s passion for this cause and heart for parents facing this inhumanity in family court marks her for star-status in this rapidly growing field. Lea continues to battle her own parental and civil rights being inexcusably denied during ongoing litigation of Banken v. Banken in Carver County Minnesota.

When asked by so many, `How are you holding it together?` Lea replies, `A mother will do anything for her children and their protection even if it means holding it together. Falling apart does the children no good. I have no choice.` Although, Lea admits that her fiancé, Anthony Dannewitz, has held her often during the tough moments that naturally come and go. Lea states that her and Anthony`s combined faith in God is a large part of how her strength is maintained.

Lea has always had a passion for writing. This new venture at the ncpp has her excited to perfect and learn new skills along with offer help she so desperately wishes was available to her and her children during the past 2 years of ongoing divorce/custody litigation.

Lea feels the effects of legal abuse – anger, frustration, anxiety, and pain… but every day she realizes there are many blessings that stem from this horror story in spite of all she and her children have endured. She plans to teach her children how to turn trials and pain into helping others.

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Hi all!

My goal for the CCC blog is to ensure correct information – lessening the channels of communication through emails and statements which (if not handled carefully) can cause inaccuracies. I plan to offer helpful documents, links, insights and information for protective parents going through this terrorizing battle.

I will be discussing the continuing issues during litigation of select family court cases. This is to ensure the public is aware of laws, codes of conduct and statutes in place to protect your liberty rights and to bring awareness to the shock-inducing events you can face when heading into family court. These questionable county officials rely on the general fact that many are unaware of even the possibility of fraud or corruption in family court. In these unfortunate cases court officials can prey on trusting people who share the common idea `family court appointees have the children`s best interest in mind`. When in most cases this can be a true statement there are more and more unfortunate cases where family court is a devastating and even life threatening situation for families. Case rigging of custody is found most often in cases with domestic abuse and high conflict divorce and custody litigations.

The new ncpp (National Coalition for Protective Parents) is well under way. The ncpp site will offer enormous amounts of information, help and encouragement desperately needed during these isolating battles in family court.

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions about any and all content on the Carver County Corruption Blog please contact us at ncppMN@msn.com

Blessings to you and yours,

Lea Sage (Banken)

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