Children forced to live with abusive father, Brent R. Rice

Brent Roger Rice/Father/Rice v. Rice

Vice President of Merrill Lynch in Wayzata, MN

Brent Rice filed an order protection to prohibit contact between the parties five children and their mother,  to avoid financial obligation. The Rices were married for almost 17 years most of which Ms.Caroline Rice was a stay at home mother. He has avoided paying any spousal maintenance thus far. Father is willing to torture his own offspring~ this was against all of the children`s wishes. Mother has been incarcerated for violating this order, the children have repeatedly run away from their Father to mother. He, like many abusive men, exploit the domestic abuse statute. The three oldest children are adults now. Civil rights lawsuits are being filed against all involved in violating families due process rights.The Rice children are now old enough to speak out about how this tortuous intervention of mother child relationship has affected them. They plan to speak out for the Banken children who, like them years ago, cannot defend themselves.

Officials involved in the Rice v. Rice case :

Hennepin County social worker Susan Olson , guardian Ad litem Jean Peterson, custody evaluator Olen Lukanen, Richard Witucki. Carver County social workers: Carole Cole, Nicole Mercil, Sarah Kulesa,therapist Judy Hoy, sheriff investigator Patrick Barry.

8 Comments on “Children forced to live with abusive father, Brent R. Rice”

  1. Cody Says:

    Nice, another one. I am sure there are a ton. I have heard of this guy too. What a sicko!


    • Andrea Says:

      I’m another who has seen this first hand. I’m a Christian mom who from an early age had a single desire of being a mom. I was a basketball coach, girlscout leader, a boyscout mom,classroom helper, and a sunday school teacher. I lived my life for my family and my children. My ex husband is a Green Beret who went war many times and came home anxious parinoid and very abusive. I wanted to protect our family, my children and his job. But when I woke up on the driveway unable to walk straight after having my head smashed in for the last time, I did what was suggested. My children were asleep in the house, he left, he didn’t come back to check on me or the kids he just left. I filed charges, got a restraining order and watched Hell reign down on my family. My children were taken away, they said I was too emotional. It has been 3 years. My children are played against me in court and out of court. They too are being raised by teenage nannies and an absent father. Their father was reported to stripe search my 13 year old daughter with his father present while performing cavity searches looking for bugs. She is 13, a young adolescent who has been kidnapped by her Daddy a man that should love and respect her unconditionally. My children have been lied to and informed there was no way out. They have been told their mother doesn’t love them or want them. My daughter was told her mother is going to court saying she is a slut and a whore. I love them so much, and would never imagine saying something like this to her. I want her to become a beautiful young lady, who is loved, cherished and respected. A day will come when the truth is revealed. My God is an amazing God. I feel your heart, I’m so sorry their are others that are going through this pain. Please tell me how I can help.


  2. Christine L. Tibbitts Says:

    I have heard of this case too. There are tons of cases out there like this and the only concern of players involved once caught is to cover their butts… the children mean nothing to them.


  3. kim Says:

    nice guy. I wonder if his company knows about this?


  4. theresa Says:

    He is definitely a sociopath and/or narcissist!!! How could he do this to his own children?!


  5. SrH Says:

    Karna Rice is Brent`s new wife, she is one who stands back and lets Brent abuse his kids. A rice has asked Karna why she does nothing and Karna replies to the young girl, ~I don`t want your dad mad at me~. In our eyes Karna Rice needs to be held accountable as well, that is disgusting for a woman to sit back and let some psycho hurt his kids. Horrible woman.


  6. KTG Says:

    What a loser.


  7. M Says:

    Sibley county is terrible as well. What good is a justice system that given viable proof of abuse, continues to defend the abuser? What happened to protecting children? The fathers rights initiative has created a safe haven for these people. Sibley county is just as corrupt and if you were not raised here and your father is not an old timer boys club member, you can be sure justice will not be on your side. No matter what evidence or damage thats been done to your children.


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