AFCC and Mindy Mitnick, Custody Evaluator

The Association of Family and Conciliation Court Judges  (AFCC) was established in 1981 for professionals including judges who work on family litigation and counseling cases including custody and visitation problems.  They are closely associated with the fathers rights movement as the AFCC founding officials are the same as the leading fathers rights group (CRC) founding officials. AFCC and CRC collaborate together in developing court protocol and programs for custody and related family disputes.   Their protocol has been based on the works of discredited psychologists including Richard Gardner who published many anti-mother pro-incest books and articles. AFCC & CRC have been in top positions at HHS-ACF and have been steering grants to courts and professionals who collaborate with them. As a result many courts in this country are using dishonest anti-mother methodology in their evaluations and decisions.

Guess who is on AFCC list under Board of Directors? MINDY F. MITNICK- “high conflict” custody evaluator with one of the worst reputations in the state of Minnesota. AFCC: Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
Mindy Mitnick was the custody evaluator in Banken v. Banken dissolution with children ages: newborn baby now 1, boy 5 and girl 7. Mitnick began the Banken custody evaluation when Lea Banken, mother, was 8 months pregnant. Mitnick charged $20,000 for a one sided, 2 1/2 month evaluation. Jeremy Q. Banken, Banken father paid Mitnick in full; it is listed as such on the first line of the evaluation produced by Mitnick. In the evaluation submitted to the courts Mindy Mitnick removed the newborn infant from Banken mother at the small age of 11 weeks old… no reason listed. Mitnick gave mother a few hours a week with the infant and one overnight every two weeks… again, no reason listed. Infant and two young kids were and still are being raised by young nannies and an absent/abusive father. Affidavits and police reports in the divorce file show the severe abusive nature of Jeremy Q. Banken – man has a long history of abuse: strangulation, rape, death threats… the list goes on. Not only reports from Ms. Banken, but other women wrote affidavits of Jeremy`s abuse of them as well. (although often times in rigged cases these documents are pulled out of the file via the crooked judge. The ncpp, Dale Nathan and others have the notarized copies of these affidavits should anyone be looking for them) Children have reported sexual abuse by father numerous times. Investigative reports confirm the abuse reported. Judge Richard C. Perkins purposely did not request the investigative reports to be entered into the court file after they were complete, although Perkins knew of them during Banken v. Banken trial in May 2011. Anthony Dannewitz and Lea Banken tried to obtain the reports during trial – the couple was given excuse after excuse during the four day trial by the sheriffs department as to why they could not get the reports. Mother finally got a hold of the Sherrif`s reports a few months after trial… the courts are suggesting it is too late to submit the findings of the investigative reports of child sexual abuse. This is typical in a rigged case.

Judge Richard C. Perkins, who blocked himself to the Banken v. Banken and Rice v. Rice case – Judge Perkins is pro-pedophile, along with AFCC Board of Directors, Mindy F. Mitnick of Uptown Mental Health Center: pro-pedophile.

This family court industry is a Multi-billion dollar machine… and this problem is spread far and wide across the US, as explained in: (Crisis in Family Courts)

Banken v. Banken and many other cases around the metro area – and certainly many more in Carver County are a prime example of how you can buy off Judges, abuse children, rape women, strangle women, leave your pregnant and sick wife, rip her newborn from her… all for the right price… and get by with it. Even worse, Judges are immune – unaccountable for their actions… given `the ultimate power` to do whatever, whenever, to whomever they want. Even force young children to be abused daily. Even worse, a judge can cut these same children off from the one loving and caring figure in life they have always known and clung to: their own mother.

Sadly, if you find a judge like Richard Perkins: for the right $price$ you can get anything you want.


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