Banken vs. Banken, Update…

Lea Banken received word that her last appeal was accepted by the Minnesota Court of Appeals. The first appeal sent was an emergency appeal (Banken Writ of Prohibition/Mandamus) asking for immediate relief for the young Banken children and baby who have not seen their mother in now seven months. The Appeals court denied this urgent plea, the Supreme Court denied the same plea. The same appeal asked for the overturning of the court order by Perkins for Lea Banken to remove the CCC blog from the internet and charging her thousands of dollars for its contents: this appeal by Lea Banken asked for free speech to be upheld (upholding the constitution of the United States is a main reason for the appeal and supreme court, free speech of course being a very important part of the US constitution) the MN Appeal and Supreme court denied even free speech, claiming a regular appeal is obtainable.

The latest Appeal was accepted last week for Banken vs. Banken, this appeal can take anywhere from 9 months to a year, to even a few years. This is an incredibly inhuman and uncivilized way to treat any mother and children under the circumstances – yet it is the only option given at this time in Minnesota to deal with a judge `gone wild` – a judge ordering such torture and horror to young children and parents.

Unfortunately, MN Appeal court judges are appointed and seated purposely to protect the trial/district court judges and to uphold decisions made by them. It is unlikely an appeal will result in an overturning of even the most incredibly unlawful and horrendous decisions made by a trial/district judge. The MN judicial system has it purposely set up this way – to detour anyone from continuing to fight a battle in court. District judges have gotten by with so many horror cases such as these in the past due to the system being set up the way it is – impossible to get help, impossible to see hope, impossible to afford a lawyer… the district judge performing fraud and case rigging purposely leaves the victim financially drained and thousands in debt and without means to file a motion with the district courts, furthermore an appeal with the MN Court of Appeals.

Meanwhile, the Banken children continue to suffer: Almost Every Night 

This year things will be changing in Minnesota – in way of accountability of judges. The state of Minnesota shows a great desire to protect the people from things such as what you read here on the CCC blog – as opposed to the state continuing to protect a judicial system currently without any proper explanation of ignoring laws and pocketing legal `bribes` for various cases such as the ones you read about here… and many more…

It is suspected 10-16% of judges in Minnesota are purposely and knowingly abusing our people and children for monetary gain. This number is expected to decrease considerably in the coming year.

To read about what our readers can do, please see the post: What can I do to help?

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ncpp: National Coalition for Protective Parents Exposing Corruption in Carver County Minnesota Family Court/CPS and Foster Care System. Government Abuse IS Child Abuse for Profit. We The People... are no longer tolerating; TAXPAYER dollars (billions) used to separate, and financially demolish families.

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11 Comments on “Banken vs. Banken, Update…”

  1. Amy Says:

    Everyone – get those mailings out on the post about what you can do to help! This could be your kids, or your grandkids, or someone you know and love going through this horror in our crooked courts. This has to stop. Perkins needs to be relieved of his duties, so do a few others. Lets all be a part of this!


  2. The kids Says:

    I feel so sorry for the Banken kids. Lea is an incredible person and mother. Anyone that knows her knows that. This is devastating for the kids. My heart breaks for them and Lea.


  3. ncpp Says:

    TS,KH revamped: children forced to live with abusive father, Jeremy Banken – on home page. archive/added links



  4. gty Says:

    What kind of horsesh** father does this to his kids?


  5. Marie Says:

    The professionals involved in these cases should spend a few days in our shoes, or rather our children’s shoes. It is astounding to me how much time lapses while everyone sits around and allows children to be parented by an abuser.

    Mediation: During mediation, my ex admitted to spousal and child abuse openly (which he won’t do in court papers of course), and after that the mediator continued to try to negotiate a 50/50 parenting time schedule with us, telling me that I should try to compromise or to see things from my ex’s point of view. When I attempted to pull out reports of abuse during mediation, ex’s lawyer complained that they could create bias in my favor.

    Custody Evaluation (5 months): The custody evaluator made comments about my lack of understanding that our children should be staying overnight with their father multiple times per week even though she had documents in front of her from multiple mandated reporters who called child protection against my ex and other documents showing that ex does not actually spend time with our children during his scheduled parenting time. Evaluator continually downplayed the reports of abuse and played up my desire to protect the children as alienating behavior even thought I had never denied my ex parenting time. Can you guess who this evaluator was?

    Ex’s Lawyer: Ex’s lawyer was present during mediation in which ex admitted to spousal and child abuse including hitting our child with a blunt object on the head and swearing at our other child when the child misbehaves. Ex also admitted to not caring for our children overnight during his parenting time even though he was requesting more parenting time in order to avoid paying support. His lawyers response? To send multiple letters to the custody evaluator about how I made up allegations of abuse to get my way and then manipulated our children to report abuse. His lawyer also wrote affidavits to the court regarding the same issues.

    GAL investigation (120 days): The GAL in our case fortunately got it right. Ex and his lawyer have accused GAL of not being qualified, have attacked the GAL’s credentials and have bullied the GAL and all collateral contacts who spoke against ex during the GAL investigation. One contact has gotten several phone calls threatening contact’s children from an unknown number. One teacher was threatened with dismissal from the teacher’s position at school if the teacher speaks out again after district officials were contacted several times by ex’s lawyer. Why? Because the school did not like what the teacher had to say about how our child would likely benefit from attending a different school and were threatened with legal action if they are unwilling or unable to provide appropriate services for our child.

    WHY: One must question why a man who spends little time with his children during his current parenting time and who has admitted to physically and emotionally abusing his children in mediation (where conversations are confidential), continues to fight a battle for custody of his children. It seems that professionals should know the answer to this question immediately, but they instead enjoy collecting your money for their evaluations and reports while children continue to be abused. The answer: He wants control OR he doesn’t want to pay child support OR both.


    • Anon Says:

      -Please out the lawyers, evaluator…

      -awards which are inappropriate for children are not made more attractive because they compromise the parents’ dispute. trained mediators don’t get this, it’s shameful at best. they also don’t get the it’s not a compromise when the middle ground is between a liar and an honest person. these mediators should be representing the kids-what is best for them, and how do we get the parents to see that and agree to that? if the dad needs help–tell him, agree to get help and when improvement is documented, we build back time with the kids for you. but churning cases makes money. finding solutions does not.

      -finally, do you notice how we must always frame things in terms of the harm to the kids, as if the harm to the moms is OK or doesn’t matter. as though the courts and the evaluators etc think: who cares if he beats his wife if he doesn’t beat his kids???!!!! we should be able to say–without apology–that the behavior is harmful to the mother too. and it should count for as much. actually, it should count for double. because when you harm a mom, you automatically harm kids–you impair a mom’s ability to parent to her best ability, you teach kids its ok to treat moms/women disrespectfully, badly, as if they aren’t human… and more.

      -MN does not take into account bad behavior in division of assets, etc. unbelievable–what does that teach our kids?


  6. Fran Says:

    Someone get those kids away from that fahter. Cannot wait to see these people locked up and the kids back with Lea.
    Lea, you are in our prayers! Those kids love and adore you and they will be home with you soon.

    Hope whoever is on this case realizes they are dealing with a very dangerous man (jeremy banken) he will go postal if he loses control of the kids and Lea . He will have to be locked up and contained when it happens. He has a severe personality disorder that there is no cure for. Being a controlling abuser and without a conscience is not cured by counseling and pills. He needs to be restrained. This state better hope someone does that before they have a bigger problem on their hands. This guy is capable of things unimaginable if he loses control. Ask any psychiatrist or anyone that knows about men who mutilated animals all their life, strangles women for pleasure, has sexual desires towards kids, control fetish – and theft, domestic abuse, disorderly conduct on his record and an abundance of money… not a good combination! Get those kids away from that guy!

    I certainly hope whoever is on this has looked up this man`s history. These are not allegations, they are on his record in black and white, affidavits in the file on the abuse and people from his upbringing that can tell you about the animal abuse and repulsive upbringing this guy had.
    What is funny is that this man claims Lea is `psycho` when he has not a damn thing to back that up other than his lies. (some are really stupid) Somehow he is convincing to some people, how the hell that is is puzzling to people who have half a brain
    Lea is the kindest person and mother, with no criminal background, nothing. She is fighting this the right way and these criminals hate it. Only good things will come of this. Lea is being used to help so many other parents suffering from this injustice. This is baffling to anyone that has not been through it or close to someone that is going through it. Imagine being these kids or parents? Lea has a ton of support, so do the other parents suffering from this.
    Keep up the blog is right! Loud and proud! We are here for you! Fighting this from our own computers, mailboxes, emails, phones, we will not stop until these animals are put away and the kids are returned. Doing the right thing is all some know in life. Fighting for kids – if you cannot do that, what good are you?


  7. Marie Says:

    Good luck with the appeal Lea!

    I will out the evaluator and the lawyer when I am able to….no worries there!


  8. KTG Says:

    They are going to have to fire this judge, does the state know that by now? Everyone hates this guy and he will never get a good reputation back. Google him, all you find is his gross rulings abusing kids and making them suffer like this. Get rid of him!


    • noah McCourt Says:

      If the state doesn’t fire him ill get a recall petition ready and essentially make them fire him. it absolutely disgusting


  9. noah McCourt Says:

    this is outrageous if those kids aren’t given back to their mother promptly. i will start circulating a petition for the recall the not so honorable judge Richard c Perkins this is absolutely ridiculous Perkins deserves to be jailed for what hes done


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