Dear Minnesota Appeals Court, We Want a Decision…

In an order issued August 5th, 2011, Carver County Judge Richard Perkins ordered Banken mother to take down this blog,, stop all postings to her blog, and remove all postings she had made to her blog. Judge Perkins further assessed Banken mother $1000 as a sanction, $50 for each day after August 5th, 2011 that her blog continued, and attorney`s fees and costs that amount to thousands of dollars. On August 16th, 2011, Banken mother filed an appeal with the Minnesota Court of Appeals pointing out that Judge Perkins` order was a flagrant violation of freedom of speech and expression and asking the appeals court to strike down Judge Perkins` order. The appeals court has not taken any action yet, leaving a threat to have a blog or communicate information on the internet.

Banken mother would rather not have this blog up at all. Any parent would rather be raising their kids and living daily life. Parents should be allowed to raise their own children per all laws and statutes in place that the Carver County Court ignores – ┬áCarver County is now ignoring and threatening our freedom of speech. This is a horrid situation the courts have placed this mother and young kids in. No parent in this Country should be forced away from their children unless there is good reason – by law – to do so.

Please tell the appeals court that you want them to make a decision. The appeals court does not have an email address and they don`t answer their phone (651-297-1000). But you can write to them at: Chief Judge Matthew Johnson, Minnesota Appeals Court, 25 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Kind Boulevard, St. Paul, MN 55155.

You can call or email your state senator and representative and ask them to contact the appeals court. You can learn the names and contact information of your state senator and representative by going to Minnesota Secretary of State on the internet, clock on `Who represents me,` and entering your home address. Please make this contact.


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ncpp: National Coalition for Protective Parents Exposing Corruption in Carver County Minnesota Family Court/CPS and Foster Care System. Government Abuse IS Child Abuse for Profit. We The People... are no longer tolerating; TAXPAYER dollars (billions) used to separate, and financially demolish families.

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