Minnesota Court of Appeals: Motion Filed by Banken Mother September 15th, 2011

Petition for the Writ of Prohibition was filed August 16th, 2011 with the Minnesota Court of Appeals petitioning dismissal of the the unconstitutional contempt order issued for the CCC blog by judge Richard C. Perkins of Carver County Court, and for immediate access to the three Banken children for mother.

Response to the Writ of Prohibition by Christopher Banas (attorney for Banken father) was received by Banken mother and the Appellate Court August 23rd, 2011.

Mother Fights To Keep Blog

Banken v. Banken in Court of Appeals, MN


It has been one month since the Writ was submitted to the MN Court of Appeals. Yesterday, September 15th, 2011 Banken mother filed a motion with the Court of Appeals for the same pending issues mentioned above: the contempt order blatantly going against free speech, and the young children enduring abuse daily.

Next Tuesday the 20th of September is the scheduled hearing for the temporary custody pending in the Banken case. Advisors have no expectations of this court to do anything in honesty or integrity – even with the public knowing what it is they are doing. It is fully expected that the crooks will pull something else out of their arsenal, they have been planning and plotting this hearing for weeks now. Ex Parte meetings flourish during the days prior to the hearing. The `kangaroo court` proceedings are interesting to watch in the courtroom.

There is evidence of fraud in these rigged cases at Carver County. Vendor payment receipts on the Rice and Banken cases have been obtained. In fact, Rice mother was scolded by the court for distributing the sheets showing $107,000 doled out to three select recipients during the instigated high conflict custody battle that went on for years – ending in Rice mother losing contact with her youngest kids and A. Rice (youngest daughter) continually running from father`s abuse on numerous occasions only to be forced back in her father`s home by the county.

If you look up Rice, Banken, Sperling, and all the other rigged divorce dissolutions with children on the MNCIS website (public court record) you can clearly see in each case how long the cases dragged on, how many years, how many motions and court hearings, the trial… the years of agony on the children. It is all instigated, delayed and prolonged for the highest dollar amount possible from HHS federal funding. Papers in the case files go missing, evidence is covered up and sealed in files at the courthouse, or simply tossed out.

Banken mother`s Petition for the Writ of Prohibition filed August 16th, 2011 in the MN Appellate Court was anticipated to be immediate relief for Banken mother and children.

The motion filed yesterday with the Court of Appeals is a nudge for the Appellate Court to render a decision in the acute matters at hand: the children.

September 20th is approaching fast… Banken mother is preparing with her advisors – the judge is preparing like every other time: with Banken father`s attorney, Banken father, CPS, Carver County cronies, the phony therapist. They are plotting demise for Banken mother like every other court date. How awful for a mother to have to fear walking into court when she has done nothing to have her newborn and two kids removed in the first place, and to fear never seeing them again. If there was a reason for this depriving a mother of caring for her baby and kids it would be easier to accept, the fact there is no reason makes everything quite creepy and unknown. The fact the kids are being abused and the county knows places the unknown on a whole new level.

Due to this blog seeking help for these cases, and the contempt orders by judge Perkins to remove its content, the content that rightfully publicly displays the nefarious actions of Carver County… it is suspected the retaliation against Banken mother next Tuesday will be insolent and poisonous as usual. Some ridiculous excuse of improper procedure, some technicality, or shrewd and insensitive lying or ignoring of the evidence is expected. During the last court hearing judge Perkins did not twist what Banken mother said, Perkins outright lied on the bench removing mother`s half legal custody. These officials do not let up, they continue until they are called out on their actions by someone with more authority than them who is not afraid, or if they are God-willingly forced off the bench and relieved of their duties in so that the children can get a chance of relief from the abuse. The immoral and lewd decadence displayed by Carver County Family Court is in need of some direct and immediate intervention.

Every day that goes by during this calamity is unbearable distress for the children involved.


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