Linda Gerr, Guardian Ad Litem – LETS GET HONEST

September 13, 2011

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Linda Gerr, GAL Minnesota

Gerr emailed Banken mother asking to meet for a few hours at Scott County Conference Room on September 15th.

Banken mother emailed back and said she prefer a public location and she will have witnesses with her, tape recording and video if needed.

Gerr emailed back and said no others allowed – she wants to meet with Banken mother alone and she will not meet in a public location due to the confidentiality of the information spoken about. Funny, because Banken mother has met CPS and many others during the past few years in public locations, coffee shops, book stores, etc (prior to figuring out they are railroading her the whole time)… Gerr said if she does not hear back from Banken mother by Wed. she will cancel the conference room being held for the meeting.

Banken mother emailed Gerr back and told her to cancel the conference room. No witnesses, no public location – no deal.


Gerr`s reputation was looked into – it is horrific in ruining families over the years. Investigators have even found more rigged cases simply by researching Linda Gerr`s name. We are starting to think that looking into cases involving GAL`s would probably bring hundreds of rigged cases to the surface.

GAL`s – who have only one day of training – are beginning to look like they are not meant to be beneficial to children at all in family court. How a person with one day of training – no educational background or title needed – can represent CHILDREN in proceedings – is beyond logical. We have yet to hear of a reputable and honest Guardian Ad Litem. This is not a good sign. Additionally, the training for GAL`s was researched. And of course, it is training to literally ignore all abuse. GAL`s are only appointed to cases where abuse and neglect are present. So, that tells you a bit there as to what a GAL is possibly meant for. Helping the FRAUD and corruption to flourish for judges and their court cronies. (obviously not all judges are corrupt, it is estimated only 10-16% of judges in the US are part of this scam-  more than 3/4 of judges in the US are highly respectful, kind, good hearted and wear their black robes with honor and integrity)

GAL`s are considered `immune` as much as judges are to lawsuits and being held accountable for their actions and decisions. Is it any wonder why GAL`s are appointed to these rigged cases? It is highly suspected GAL positions were made for these rigged cases.

Looking into this further we find the actual GAL position in family court was created the same time this fraud began… After President Bush (Bush unknowing that it would be abused in this manner) allowed billions of dollars to be handed out for father`s rights. Directly after Bush signed off billions of dollars a group of judges came together and figured out how the money could be stolen in droves by instigating high conflict custody litigation – and pocketing enormous amounts of this near bottomless federal funding. Additionally, they are able to further abuse the kids – make more money in child porn, medical billing… and more… read the links below. This is one sick industry, yes. If anyone out there wants to know more about this – there are experts in this industry we can direct you to. They are more than willing to explain to you how this happens. One of the experts was a close friend of Senator Nancy Schaefer  from Georgia – prior to Schaefer being shot in the back while she slept, her husband slain as well – because she was outing this industry of child abusers, cowards and crooks. Do not fear the same retaliation… all these crooks did by murdering Schaefer was delay their industry being outed, but essentially her murder has launched an FBI investigation into what it was she was working on – which was outing the AFCC RACKETEERING INDUSTRY. Schaefer was only weeks away from outing this industry publicly. Schaefer was a Christian woman, brave, highly respected and adored, she had class, integrity and a heart for this inhumanity in CPS and family court. She was helping so many mothers and protective fathers going through this inhuman battle.

AFCC – HHS Pedophile Ring

NAFCJ Uncovers the real Fatherhood Initiative…

It goes without saying – FAMILY COURT NEEDS SOME SERIOUS REFORM. There are children chopping up 70 lb dogs and killing animals, crying out about sexual abuse… newborn babies enduring maternal deprivation – DEVASTATING to the infants development…. sexual assault of young kids ignored… and Ms. Linda Gerr GAL is concerned with what? Not having witnesses when she meets with mother and not being in a public location.

This is simply part of the damage of only one of the cases in Carver – there are so many more. Dakota (Sperling v Sperling – grueling rape of young girl by father, two boys still in father`s care, young girl granted asylum in Canada with her mother, restraining order in Canada against father seeing all three children – cannot be enforced in a different country to gain access to her boys), Ramsey (single mother in court this week, CPS took her kids from her home placed them in separate foster homes, CPS now moving to terminate mother`s parental rights so the kids can be adopted, the county makes thousands on this adoption – mother did nothing to lose her kids, CPS targets single mothers) … two cases found in Wright County in the past week. One found in Scott in the past few days. This is only scratching the surface. Digging deeper will be devastating.


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One Comment on “Linda Gerr, Guardian Ad Litem – LETS GET HONEST”

  1. Tammi Baker Says:

    Apparently these “educated” IDIOTS missed class the day they taught WHAT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST FOR THE CHILD, AND MORALITY.
    Hope they have large enough bank accounts to pay for their defense attorneys….It looks like they may need a good lawyer when this is all out in the open. Maybe they can find one as crooked as they are to defend what they are doing?????


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