Rice and Banken 7-13-2011

July 13, 2011

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Caroline Rice & Lea Banken

The inexcusable acts during litigation in Rice v. Rice and Banken v. Banken divorce dissolution/with children sparked the interest of a prestigious law firm. Unbeknownst to Mothers, a silent investigation into the two cases started at casual interest levels. When Rice v. Rice and Banken v. Banken were found to be in the same Minnesota county the law office continued the investigation and found a great deal of the same court appointees were assigned to both cases. The firm determined a high level of interest when it came up that the same Carver county Judge Richard C. Perkins blocked himself exclusively to hear all future litigation. A team was immediately assigned to sift through past, previous and future family court cases with dissolution of children for Judge Perkins and Judges on high conflict  family court cases in Carver and a neighboring county – Hennepin, where a few other cases have come to light. A large `team` of twisted court appointees is suspected in Minnesota due to coincidences among cases and travel schedules of suspected custody evaluators and psychologists involved . Additionally, CPS workers in these horror cases are found to be holding many titles such as GAL, social worker, parenting consultant… without license showing up for many of the titles.

The 11 week old baby girl involved the Banken v. Banken family court case in Carver county was taken from her mother after another physical attack by father. This is proven by pictures taken by Carver County Sheriffs office the night of mothers arrest. Mother`s difficult pregnancy during litigation and custody evaluation, coupled with behaviors from the 7 year-old-girl and 5 year-old -boy over the past year which prove the abuse from father who has had sole custody, along with the long list of witnesses over the last two years of children confiding and crying out to others about the abuse from their father, and the criminal history of father makes the Banken v. Banken story much more appealing to the media than most. It has that emotional edge that major media likes because it generates interest.

Unbeknownst to anyone, including Caroline Rice and Lea Banken, in the courtroom yesterday during Rice`s first day of trial an investigator sat in to collect clear and concise documentation of mother and those performing in the courtroom, including the Judge.

The law firm contacted Caroline Rice and Lea Banken shortly after record of the Rice trial was delivered. The firm informed mothers of who they were, their background, their potential position for them, and what they predict as the outcome. Their interest level is motivated by the outrage felt when hearing such serious life threatening situations the children have been forced into. But also motivating is of course the dollar amount predicted to be awarded in both cases. Fogarty-Hardwick paid out 4.9 million in the case against CPS in Orange County California. The extent of corruption reaches much farther in Rice and Banken cases than Orange county – it is firmly predicted that each case will conclude with a considerably higher amount than any case closed against CPS in the U.S. to date. These cases are not typically sought out or considered attractive to most attorneys because the work involved and the case content still considered new material for the courts. But to a few savvy law firms the high dollar amount is recognized, along with the publicity. This will be the start of a new trend in lawsuits, and will benefit so many families in the future. It is a win-win. These custody horror cases have been continuing on for far too many years, thousands of children have suffered. Parents (both mothers and fathers targeted) have exhausted financial means, emotional distress, extended family ripped apart and they have all lost precious years with their children that they will never get back. Grandparents have been devastated watching their grandkids disappear to an abuser or foster home, and their own children are demolished by watching them lose their children. This terrorizing of families across America originates from greed of persons with no remorse, no conscience, and no respect for the incomparable importance of biological mothers and fathers of innocent children. These officials and appointees show a sensational level of arrogance and all denial of the idea that what they are doing cannot be proven or stopped. After all they have been getting by with it for so long. The missteps of these persons are getting sloppy and showing ignorant conceit which helps the civil cases grow. The arrogance in courtrooms has been massaged and conditioned from years of overpowering and ruining the lives of defenseless and unsuspecting parents. This misplaced power of appointees and officials, coupled with the grand wealth awarded for the abuse they perform – gives them an over-the-top sense of superiority and causes invincible-like behavior. Their view of reality is significantly distorted in that they cannot see what is coming to them. They trust in their power just as the victims trusted in the trendy marketing line `in the children`s best interest`.

The powerful arrogance and abuse of authority was seen yesterday in courtroom #3 of Carver county courthouse – Caroline M. Rice, RN: educated, beautiful, with genuine kindness most do not possess – she is a prize-winning mother to her 5 children. Two of whom she has not seen in years. Recently her youngest daughter once again fled the abuse from her father – she dreams every minute of every day about the mother they took away from her. Daughter has been mentally harmed by Carole Cole and Nicole Mercil of Carver County CPS. One such abusive interaction of the daughter was 45 minutes long, child was berated and interrogated by Cole of CPS on video. Carole Cole charged mother with PAS – mental harm, which is not even recognized by the courts. Caroline was on trial yesterday morning for aiding and abetting a minor – her own daughter who ran to her in desperation again.  Caroline is a poster-mother for those parents fighting this battle, even after everything Caroline has endured since 2005 by the twisted ethics of Carver County and Hennepin county Minnesota… (and it is more than you could imagine) she stood tall and proud yesterday in that courtroom while being belittled and horribly abused by an official in a black robe that so many look to for justice and ultimate outcome of safety and fairness, Judge Richard C. Perkins. Caroline left the courthouse after the verbal abuse – out to the parking lot to no vehicle, no security of a home  of her own, no way to gain employment in her profession due to the bogus PAS charge on her record for 10 years by an unlicensed social worker of Carver county. Caroline Rice`s entire life – career, home furnishings, relationships with family, and the five children she gave birth to were maliciously ripped away from her.

Carver and now neighboring Hennepin county are flagged for high suspect for corruption in family court. It appears the two counties have professionals in place to shift from county to county – ruining protective parents and literally demolishing the lives of hundreds of parents and children. Two more cases were found in Hennepin this week. Two parents who did not know each other, living in the same county striving daily to survive, file motions, and exhaust every second of every day to get their children safe and home. The two Hennepin county and two Carver county cases showed psychologists, GAL`s, CPS workers, parenting consultants and others appointed by the courts in all four cases were disgracefully similar. The tactics used by the abusive spouses in these cases and the similarities has called the attention to higher investigations. The more information that comes back the more Rice and Banken mothers gain clarity. However bewildering and gag-inducing the information may be, the mere understanding has been pleasantly empowering.

The team of supports that Caroline Rice had sitting in the courtroom for her yesterday watched a mother stand front and center in a courtroom – a courtroom that took her life away – she has been stalked, tormented, and ruined for years. She was maliciously berated by Judge Richard C. Perkins front of everyone for her hair, clothing, jewelry and makeup being too `rich` for someone `homeless`. She was berated for having supports in the courtroom. She was berated for the fact she was not represented – claiming she must have money since her hair was done and she could afford makeup. Ms. Rice was ordered to pay $800 before August 28th for the two witnesses the prosecutors chose to fly in for trial against her. The Judge claimed the airline tickets for the witnesses were non refundable. She was ordered to turn in her passport to court administration within 24 hours. She was ordered to inform the Judge personally – in writing – faxed – of any address change within 4 hours of moving her few bags full of clothing and personal items to another location. She was asked question after question  about where she is living, how she is surviving… the Judge is well aware he has tried so desperately hard to halt her entire life and force her into submission – into giving up and falling apart. Judge is also well aware that her ex spouse, Brent R. Rice, is a high income earner – around $20-$30K a month. Mr. Rice has been ordered to pay spousal support – although it was never enforced – as is the norm in rigged cases. Caroline Rice has not received a dime in support or funds earned from their marriage of 17 years. Caroline Rice`s supports and other citizens in the courtroom were literally speechless at the way she was treated. The person documenting the scene for the law firm did not expect what they witnessed either… nor did Caroline Rice`s mother, or daughter… her friends, or the other parents ruined by the court system sitting in on behalf of Caroline Rice.

A negative like yesterday could discourage many, but it can be considered a positive when the retaliation comes from the courts and its appointees. It is a positive when the berating continues and retaliation in way of using the kids to punish the protective parent. The longer the kids are away from their loving parent – the easier the civil case becomes. As hard as it all is , it is a means to an end.

Counsel met with mothers today.

Mothers were firmly instructed by counsel to record every meeting, phone call, or eyeballing between themselves (mothers) and court appointees. Counsel also instructed Mothers that a court appointee resisting recording of interactions should be considered an affirmative admission of guilt and all sessions halted immediately with no further contact with said appointee, email is Ok. This rule unfortunately goes for supervised visitation scheduled with Mother and children as well. Counsel instructed Mothers that, `although it is difficult (understatement) to not see your children and it will seem as though you are refusing to do so, at which time court appointees will taunt you by stating that it is your fault you cannot see your children and you only need to abide by their unreasonable stipulations`… Counsel then made eye contact with mothers and said firmly, `if you abide by court appointee rules which will be- no outside witnesses or recording – you will lose your children. You will be left with the few memories of supervised visitation with your children – while court appointees stalk and exploit your every move in your own home. Do you understand what we just said to you?` Mothers understood fine – and in fact Banken mother already figured this out prior to them coming into the picture. This impressed counsel. Counsel was confident they are working with some bright ladies that may well catch things even before they do.

Further instruction included, `…do not ever under any circumstances go anywhere without a tape recorder or video – no exceptions; if you go to the mailbox you bring a recording and image capture; if you go to the garden you bring a recording and image capture.` Counsel provided Mothers with their own compact devices to accomplish these critical tips for survival. Exhausted mothers who have been knocked down, humiliated, shunned and  ruined are instantly given a new sense of hope.

Counsel ended by telling Mothers to hold their heads up and walk proud –  they explained that victim Mothers are chosen by court appointed child abusers and psychopath/sociopath men for their genuine good qualities; kindness, trusting, giving and loving qualities. Odd as it sounds – in corrupt counties bad mothers get to keep their children – good and caring mothers are how these monsters make money . Your need to be honest and  decent will ensure the CPS case worker (who profiles you for a rigged case) that you will abide by all court orders, your will give cooperation to sign papers allowing any additional appointees needed, and the fact you rarely resist direction shows them you will do everything and anything they say to protect your children and get your kids back – this is exactly how this fraud in family court is accomplished. The more you are unaware of law and legal procedures the better the victim you are. The fact you were married to an abuser – and battered and beaten down for years – is exactly the qualities they are looking for in their victims.

In a lot of rigged cases one way the `recruiters` seek out the abusive spouse by watching various counties for exceptionally horrific domestic abuse charges that show an individual with an obsession with control, abuse, and psychopath skills: 100% superficial charm and 150% pure deceit. They approach the spouse prior to their arraignment date and offer them perks – to be assigned to a Judge for their criminal/felony case that will ensure they get a lesser charge or no-same-or-similar offense for a said period of time. The relationship between the recruiter/abuser and the soon-to-be-winning-a custody-battle/abuser sparks – this is how the nightmare begins. The crooked spouse may have been trained by these crooked recruiters to already begin conditioning their wife for this future abuse on them prior to spouse`s departure. Your soon to be ex spouse accomplishes this by knocking you down emotionally,  changing any financial account passwords or closing credit cards you were allowed to use during marriage, in all cases you will have been a stay at home mom for a few years or more – and he would have ruined your credit by encouraging you to open credit cards and refusing to pay them, this ensures you cannot get credit or help when the divorce begins – to strip you of independence. They will also begin conditioning your friends and close family by informing them that they are `very concerned about your mental health lately` every time they see them without you they will lie and deceitfully make things up to make it seem as though you are mentally deteriorating. They will not allow you babysitters, nannies, or outings of any kind. They will travel constantly months prior to departure and refuse to allow you any means to money for social events or events with kids. When you plan to go to a PTA meeting he will come home while the babysitter is there – sending her home without pay in the hopes she will not come again. When you call to see if you can get $7 to go to the Arboretum with your son – you will find out your spouse is in New York and cannot help you because he is busy, of which  you had no idea he even flew out of the state. When he leaves he will tell you he put $200 on the card he allows you to use (the one with his name on it) you will go grocery shopping, the card will say insufficient funds. You call him again (of course he is out of town for 7 days) he is angry because you are disturbing him at `work` and he says he will see what he can do about transferring funds to the account when he has time. When he gets home you tell him that you need money for your child`s activity at school, he yells, `You should have thought about that before you bought groceries!` You are puzzled by this comment but shake it off. Later you invite mutual friends over for dinner since it has not happened for months. The dinner is fun, you talk with your friends, laugh and catch up. You make cherry pie and dinner. That evening you are screamed at that, `you are a miserable b__ch, and no one wants to be around you! That is why no one ever comes here… do not invite anyone again! They do not want to be around you!` This time you actually bust out laughing – which angers him to a point of physical abuse. But you tell him, `I am sorry – I have to laugh, your insults are getting ridiculous lately… what is going on with you?`. By asking this it sets him off. He is inches from your face, you can tell he is holding back the urge to bruise you up again since his pupils dilated and appear black as he rages in anger at you… you know this danger sign all to well so you wiggle your arm up (since he has you up against the wall at this point) and you quickly try to find the garage door opener button you know is above your head. This is to open the `closed door` they hide behind – and expose the position he has his physically ill, exhausted and pregnant wife in – he has her forced up against the wall… and you say, `you can leave now` and close your eyes hoping he takes the exit. The garage door opener was a brilliant idea, you somehow avoided attack. You are a bit proud of yourself, and you have the night to yourself without your hostile husband.

The other component these `recruiters` seek is hand choosing your spouse because he is a psychopath and willing to abuse his children physically, sexually and even worse – by way of psychological torture of maternal deprivation which is the single most painful thing a child can endure: being ripped from their loving mother. This will drive any loving and great mother to beg, plead, and accept the sporadic drinks of `hope` CPS and court appointees toss at you from time to time giving you the idea that things are getting better for you… when they are most certainly not. Little by little you will be chipped away, every hope they give you is shattered in an instant by yet another blow from the `best interest of the children` frauds… you will not see it coming. This will destroy you, that is their plan. You could be chosen to lose means to any employment for 10 years, by way of mental harm (PAS) charges – they find this power over you to be `fun` and will get a sense of `superiority` when they run you through the mud this way. You will find you are without funds, they will chip away at your spousal support due to you, most of the time never enforcing the order so you expect to obtain money ordered from your ex, he does not provide the money, you try to place him in contempt, the court says no, and the circle goes on. Pretty soon you will have no means to file motions and you will find your resources exhausted. Your children will be gone. You will have to decide what to do with their things, their clothes that no longer fit, the laundry you have of theirs you have yet to put away, the books you read to them every night, the music box toy you got for your baby, her bottles, her cute pink tu tu swimsuit you could not wait to put on her this summer, the pictures that you cherish more than life. Then there is your social life. You can forget about that. Nine chances out of ten your ex is a full blown sociopath/psychopath – all have an uncanny and remarkable skill of superficial glibness and charm – he has painted you as a woman with mental problems to your friends, family, and surprisingly enough in a lot of cases  – your own siblings. Much to your amazement – they side with him. Although you notice they have new landscaping and paver walkways, and are out on the family boat a great deal with your children and your ex, they have parties at your old family home and they even laugh with your ex when he charmingly mentions how easy it was to divorce their sister (yes, my own brother did this) Then there is the `church` your ex and you used to attend… which has a brand new shiny building and paver back walk way with retaining walls. Your sister in law is driving a new car you know they could never afford or purchase. You see a couple from the church you used to be close to – the only couple in your ex`s arsenal that wrote an affidavit on his behalf – shopping at places they could never afford, buying things that they could never afford – you knew how they lived – things were tight as are with so many… they seem creepy as they carry on and laugh and play through the store… they look up and see you walking by – without your newborn baby, without your two kids they knew you loved more than anything… they instantly gulp in an attempt to silence themselves from their life of laughter when they see you – they look down,  they scurry away. Seemed like guilt to you… but it matters none.

Your life is destroyed. The industry created to do this Mafia-like-racketeering was set up 10+ years ago. The cronies this AFCC industry has in place spread far and wide. If there are custody evaluators, therapists or social workers that travel and conduct their profession in other states across the U.S., you can be quite certain that without a shadow of a doubt – they are part of the AFCC – Mafia-like-racketeering – they are `court appointed child abusers`.

The Minnesota ncpp is setting up a database – although we have the master roster of CACA`s (court appointed child abusers) for Minnesota, the list is still being investigated – we are collaborating an extensive list to span across the U.S. as those flagged with corruption, starting with Minnesota.

Rice and Banken had something in common with their new counsel – they both have seen the master roster of which both have found interest in prior to meeting each other. The roster lists another Judge from the Carver County courthouse – and many other officials and appointees in Minnesota that are regarded as high alert for possible corruption.

Anyone you know dealing with family court – especially a battered mother (or father) dealing with CPS – GALs – Custody Evaluators – and most high alert are those involved in ENEs (Early Neutral Evaluation)

Are you dealing with CACA`s? Are you not sure if they are trustworthy? Or are you 100% positive they are because they say and act as if they are truly trying to help you – they seem like really decent people. It is only the laws that keep them from being able to protect your children, right? Do they relate with your abuse? Do they claim they are victims themselves or their sister or close friend is – so they know what you need to do? Do they seem like caring and genuine court appointees and CPS workers? Did you question them on their dedication and motives – and they decided to confide in you that their own child was sexually abused? So now you feel sorry for them and are happy to hear they know what you are going through as a mother… you feel bad you were upset with her.

The `confiding` in you was to gain your empathy, sympathy, and trust and to keep you from thinking anything else other than they have the best of intentions.

Banken mother found her greatest outside support to be her Pastor. She met with him often and spoke in length with him about things painful and troubling… one day in June of 2011 she had a heavy heart and was struggling to make sense of things. She went to see her Pastor. Mother told him she knew something was going on behind the scenes that really should not be but she simply cannot grasp the idea that there are people in this world that could do things like this. So many people had tried to tell her time and time again throughout the past two years that money rules custody. A year ago mother sat in the custody evaluators office 8 months pregnant and she could not see how a man (especially a man like her ex that has documentation and admitted reports of abuse and lack of involvement in the kids` lives altogether since birth) could get custody of small children when she has no history of abuse, substance abuse, neglect, or the like. Even after the custody evaluation came back shock-inducing – giving the father custody – even though the report listed severe abuse of the children by father – and father paid the evaluator $20,000… she was still skeptical. Now a year had gone by and this mess is still going on, the kids are still being abused. There are so many things unexplainable and everything seems to be a redundant painful and sick circle with no end. Every corner and light of hope is shattered at the next turn, and none of it makes any sense.

One Friday afternoon in early June 2011 mother received a phone call from CPS worker, Tracee Bosch. The conversation ended in Tracee blowing her cover by stating things that would not make sense to any human being. Mother reacted in a firm tone  and frustration –  Bosch then said to mother, `Lea, you sound irrational right now`. Mother replied she was starting to believe the idea that there is something else going on behind the scenes that is not legit. This was the exact second Bosch hung up on mother. Mother looked at her phone and thought, `Bingo… I hit a nerve there` It was intuition and common sense. When you ignore your intuition time and time again – it gets frustrated and sends common sense in to push the envelope. That phone call was the last time Mother spoke to Bosch with the tiny fluff ball of trust she had left for the shady CPS worker. Mother realized – this is fraud. Mother had to process this and it would take a few days.  But it was time to shift all gears. Mother knew what she had to do. First thing was to see her Pastor for some guidance.

This Pastor – who is gifted by the Lord in so many ways – told Banken mother a personal story on the `school of hard knocks`. Something he personally encountered while trusting people early in life. It took a Pastor with a funny story of teenage naivety to help mother grasp how evil and sick this world is. He taught mother to stop assuming everyone has good intentions because most everyone does not.

Intuition is a gift given to those suffering in these situations. It is similar to suddenly going blind. When a person loses their eyesight your other senses heighten as a defense mechanism to help you navigate through your days without your eyes.

Your intuition is a sense that heightens when you are blinded by devastation and faced with impossible circumstances. To a mother without her children in her care and knowing they are being hurt where they are… intuition is a source you rely on so often. Intuition to some is the Lord`s gentle lead.



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